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Dana Scully

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Some about Special Agent Dana Scully

Special Agent Dana Scully


Full Name: Dana Katherine Scully
Date of Birth: February 23, 1964
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 5'3"
Parents: William Sr.(deceased) and Margaret Scully
Siblings: Melissa (deceased) William and Charlie
Children: Emily Sim (deceased) and William
Badge Number: JTTO 331613
Phone Number: (202) 555-6431 (home), 555-3564 (co of ouroboros (snake biting it's own tail) on lower backell)
Weapon: Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)
E-mail Address:
Nicknames: Starbuck, Mrs. Spooky
Fears: Mulder betraying her, snakes
Social Security Number: 123-32-1321
Distinguishing Features: Tatto

Biography - Scully is a medical doctor. She specializes in forensics and pathology. She has a firm belief that anything can be explained reasonably through science. After she finished medical school, she taught at the FBI academy in Quantico. After that she was paired with Mulder, told to debunk his interesting theories of the paranormal. After years of working with Mulder and trusting him, she's still a skeptic but is more openminded, finding faith in a orderly, predictable universe. Of the two partners, she's the one who's more down to earth, focusing on producing hard evidence to prove Mulder's theories, only to have it ripped away by Cancer-Man and his collegues.

Interesting Facts: She can speak German; She can't sing; She's been kidnapped over ten times; She has cancer, now in remission, thanks to a chip implanted into the base of her neck; She had a pet pomerainian named Queequeg who was eaten by an alligator; Her favorite book is Moby Dick




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