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Fox Mulder

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Here is some stuff about Mulder


Special Agent Fox Mulder

Full Name: Fox William Mulder
Date of Birth: October 13, 1961
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Medium Brown
Height: 6'0"
Parents: William (deceased) and Teena Mulder (deceased)
Siblings: Samantha Mulder (missing, possibly deceased)
Address: Apt. 42, 2630 Hegal Place, Alexandria, VA, 23242
Badge Number: JTTO 47101111
Phone Number: (202) 555-9355 (among many others)
Weapon: Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)
Blood Type: O negative
Nickname: Spooky
Fears: Fire, insects
Place of Birth: Chilmark, Mass
Social Security Number: 123-32-1321
Distinguishing Features: Mole on right cheek

Biography - Mulder is really the heart of the X-Files division of the FBI. It's his lifes work, and if it wasn't for him, it would have been closed a long time ago. When he first joined the FBI, he was straight on his way to becoming a very respected agent. He had the funny ability of getting into a killer's mind and using it against them. It was just in his way of thinking. Soon after joining, his intrests detoured into the paranormal. His sister, Samantha, disappeared on November 27th, 1973, when she was eight and he was twelve. He believed her to have been abducted by aliens. Although over the years, Mulder has found much truth, he has trouble exposing it to the public because Cancer-Man, a shady onspiricist, has kept him down. Thought down on by superiours and peers in the FBI, Mulder is mainly left to his own doings. He has no respect for authority and does what he wants and the only reason he kept his position in the FBI was his large webs of contacts in Congress. He's a workaholic who never takes a vacation and an insomniac who spends his nights doing work, and will go more than 48 hours sometimes without sleep while on a case.

Interesting Facts: He has a photographic memory; He is red-green color blind; He sleeps on the couch and doesn't even own a bed; He loves sunflower seeds and ice tea; He enjoys porn and often jokes about it; He's been hospitalized more than twenty times in the last seven years; He studied psychology at Oxford; He might be Jewish; He constantly misplaces things, expecially his gun, car keys and cell phone; He's an avid Elvis fan


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