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Credit for this banner goes to Diandra


Welcome to my site completely dedicated to the best television show the world has ever seen!!! The X-Files!!!!

My guest book is working!!! Yippie!! Please if you haven't already sign it! It lets me know I didn't do all this work on my site for nothing. The guest book link is at the bottom of the page. Also at the bottom of the page is a link to play the theme song! I could have had it automaticly playing but I thought that, it would annoy some people sorry if that causes you any inconveinense for you. I'm also sorry if there is a lot of mispelling on my site the only time I get to work on it is late at night so I'm usually really tired!!
Yay my site is completed!! I'd be more than happy to link your site if you send me your site URL. You can do this by e-mailing me at or filling out the comment box. Either one will do I try to check them both frequently. However I will not link sites that will refuse to link mine so I will be checking your site and if my banner is not there your link shall no longer be on my site. When I get my guestbook working properly you can send me a link or banner from your site on there. I make it a note to sign any guestbooks from sites that I like, so I would really appriciate it if you signed mine!!
                                              Thank You!!!





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