The X-Files Forever

Season 2

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    2.01 "Little Green Men"

  • Episode Number: 25
  • Original Air Date: September 16, 1994
  • Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong
  • Directed by: David Nutter
  • Guest Cast:
    • Raymond J. Barry (Senator Richard Matheson)
    • William B. Davis (Smoking Man)
    • Mike Gomez (Jorge Concepcion)
    • Vanessa Morley (Samantha Mulder [Age 8])

Long after the shutdown of the X-Files division, Mulder finds his own belief in the truth waning. So when an old friend gives him a new reason to believe, he goes alone to an abandoned SETI program site in Puerto Rico. Concerned, Scully tries to contact him before someone else does.

    2.02 "The Host"

  • Episode Number: 26
  • Original Air Date: September 23, 1994
  • Written by: Chris Carter
  • Directed by: Daniel Sackheim
  • Guest Cast:
    • Freddy Andeiuci (Detective Norman)
    • Marc Bauer (Agent Brisentine)

A man's decomposed body is found in the sewers of Newark, NJ and Mulder is given this supposedly routine murder case. But after Scully's autopsy turns up a parasite living inside the body and a sewer worker is attacked and bitten by something, it opens up a whole new can of worms.

    2.03 "Blood"

  • Episode Number: 27
  • Original Air Date: September 30, 1994
  • Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong
  • Directed by: David Nutter
  • Story by: Darin Morgan
  • Guest Cast:
    • Tom Braidwood (Frohike)
    • John Cygan (Sheriff Spencer)
    • Andre Daniels (Harry McNally)
    • Kimberly Ashlyn Gere (Mrs. McRoberts)
    • Dean Haglund (Langly)
    • John Harris (Taber)
    • Bruce Harwood (Byers)
    • William Sanderson (Edward Funsch)
    • George Touliatos (County Supervisor Larry Winter)

A recent rash of killings in the small town of Franklin, PA brings Mulder to profile the murderers. A task made more difficult by the fact that none of them had any previous history of violence and all died at the end of their berserker rages. The only clues he has is some destroyed electronics and an unknown organic substance.

    2.04 "Sleepless"

  • Episode Number: 28
  • Original Air Date: October 07, 1994
  • Written by: Howard Gordon
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman
  • Guest Cast:
    • William B. Davis (Smoking Man)
    • Jonathan Gries (Salvatore Matola)
    • Nicholas Lea (Agent Alex Krycek)
    • Tony Todd (Augustus Cole)

An audio cassette hidden in his morning paper brings Mulder to request the case of a scientist's death consistent with burning, despite the lack of any evidence of any flames or burns. He is given his request...along with a new partner. But together they must find the murderer before the case can be laid to rest.

    2.05 "Duane Barry"

  • Episode Number: 29
  • Original Air Date: October 14, 1994
  • Written by: Chris Carter
  • Directed by: Chris Carter
  • Guest Cast:
    • Nicholas Lea (Agent Alex Krycek)
    • CCH Pounder (Agent Kazdin)
    • Steve Railsback (Duane Barry)

An ex-FBI agent escapes from a mental hospital and holds several people hostage in a travel agency. Mulder and Krycek are sent in to help with the negotiations since the man claims to have been a UFO abductee.

Part one of two.

    2.06 "Ascension"

  • Episode Number: 30
  • Original Air Date: October 21, 1994
  • Written by: Paul Brown
  • Directed by: Michael Lange
  • Guest Cast:
    • William B. Davis (Smoking Man)
    • Sheila Larken (Margaret Scully)
    • Nicholas Lea (Agent Alex Krycek)
    • Steve Railsback (Duane Barry)

Returning home to find the phone message left by Scully, Mulder immediately sets off to locate Duane Barry, but is unable to make any headway until a police video from a traffic violation yields a clue which lifts his spirits.

Part two of two.

    2.07 "3"

  • Episode Number: 31
  • Original Air Date: November 04, 1994
  • Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong
  • Directed by: David Nutter
  • Guest Cast:
    • Frank Ferrucci (Detective Nettles)
    • Tom McBeath (Detective Munson)
    • Frank Military (The Son aka John)
    • Gustavo Moreno (The Father)
    • Perrey Reeves (Kristen)

Despite Scully's absence, Mulder finds the strength to continue his work on the recently reopened X-Files. When he recognizes a Los Angeles killing as the work of the Trinity murderers, a trio of killers with a fetish for drinking blood, it gives him work in which to immerse himself.

    2.08 "One Breath"

  • Episode Number: 32
  • Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong
  • Directed by: R.W. Goodwin
  • Guest Cast:
    • Tom Braidwood (Frohike)
    • Jay Brazeau (Dr. Daly)
    • Nicola Cavendish (Nurse G. Owens)
    • Don S Davis (Captain William Scully)
    • William B. Davis (Smoking Man)
    • Dean Haglund (Langly)
    • Bruce Harwood (Byers)
    • Sheila Larken (Margaret Scully)
    • Melinda McGraw (Melissa Scully)

Scully mysteriously appears in a Washington D.C. hospital, kept alive almost entirely by machines. Frustrated by his inability to help her, Mulder drives himself crazy trying to find the people responsible. Though his quest for vengeance could make him exactly like those whom he despises.

    2.09 "Firewalker"

  • Episode Number: 33
  • Original Air Date: November 18, 1994
  • Written by: Howard Gordon
  • Directed by: David Nutter
  • Guest Cast:
    • Hiro Kanagawa (Peter Tanaka)
    • David Kaye (Eric Parker)
    • David Lewis (Vosberg)
    • Tuck Milligan (Dr. Adam Pierce)
    • Leland Orser (Jason Ludwig)
    • Torben Rolfsen (Technician)
    • Shawnee Smith (Jesse O'Neil)

A malfunction in a robot designed for volcanic exploration yields evidence of a lifeform living in the caves. When this lifeform seemingly causes the death of a member of the research team, Mulder and Scully are flown out to the site to investigate before anyone else dies.

    2.10 "Red Museum"

  • Episode Number: 34
  • Original Air Date: December 09, 1994
  • Written by: Chris Carter
  • Directed by: Win Phelps
  • Guest Cast:
    • Gillian Barber (Beth Kane)
    • Steve Eastin (Sheriff Mazeroski)
    • Lindsey Ginter (Crew Cut Man)
    • Mark Rolston (Richard Odin)

Several Wisconsin teens are found wandering outside in their underwear with "He is one" scrawled on their backs. Mulder and Scully travel to investigate this aberrant behavior, though the strangest thing in this meat-producing area is a cult of vegetarian "walk-ins."

    2.11 "Excelsius Dei"

  • Episode Number: 35
  • Original Air Date: December 16, 1994
  • Written by: Paul Brown
  • Directed by: Stephen Surjik
  • Guest Cast:
    • Frances Bay (Dorothy)
    • Eric Christmas (Stan Phillips)
    • David Fresco (Hal Arden)
    • Teryl Rothery (Michelle Charters)

Mulder and Scully's latest case begins with the rape and battery of a nurse in a Massachusetts convalescent home. What makes it an X-File is her claim that her attacker was invisible. But upon their arrival, they discover that the unrest is not limited only to the live-in residents.

    2.12 "Aubrey"

  • Episode Number: 36
  • Original Air Date: January 06, 1995
  • Written by: Sara Charno
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman
  • Guest Cast:
    • Joy Coghill (Mrs. Thibedeaux)
    • Terry O'Quinn (Lieutenant Brian Tillman)
    • Deborah Strang (Detective B.J. Morrow)

In a dream, a policewoman experiences the memory of a serial killing and unearths the body of the FBI agent sent to investigate it nearly 50 years ago. When the serial killer strikes again, Mulder and Scully work with the detective to determine the killer's identity.

    2.13 "Irresistible"

  • Episode Number: 37
  • Original Air Date: January 13, 1995
  • Written by: Chris Carter
  • Directed by: David Nutter
  • Guest Cast:
    • Nick Chinlund (Donald Eddie Pfaster)
    • Robert Thurston (Toews)
    • Bruce Weitz (Agent Bocks)
    • Christine Willes (Agent Karen E. Kosseff)

A female corpse, dug-up and mutilated, is brought to Mulder's attention by a Minnesota agent claiming it as the work of aliens. Mulder believes otherwise and is vindicated when a similarly mutilated prostitute is found. Meanwhile Scully has to deal with how this case seems to be affecting her.

    2.14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt"

  • Episode Number: 38
  • Original Air Date: January 27, 1995
  • Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong
  • Directed by: Kim Manners
  • Guest Cast:
    • Susan Blommaert (Phyllis H. Paddock)
    • Dan Butler (Jim Ausbury)
    • Shaun Johnson (Pete Calcagni)

Some teenagers' feign an occult ritual in an attempt to score and inadvertantly cause the murder of one of their group. When Mulder and Scully are called to look into the matter, the town's real worshippers attempt to hide their tracks though they fear that the boys' attempt to "get some," got them more than they thought.

    2.15 "Fresh Bones"

  • Episode Number: 39
  • Original Air Date: February 03, 1995
  • Written by: Howard Gordon
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman
  • Guest Cast:
    • Daniel Benzali (Colonel Wharton)
    • Kevin Conway (Private Jack McAlpin)
    • Roger Cross (Private Kittel)
    • Katya Gardner (Robin McAlpin)
    • Matt Hill (Private Harry Dunham)
    • Peter Kelamis (Lieutenant Foyle)
    • Callum Keith Rennie (Groundskeeper)
    • Jamil Walker Smith (Chester Bonaparte)
    • Steven Williams (X)

When a soldiers stationed at a resettlement camp for Haitians drives himself into a tree, Mulder and Scully are called by the grieving and fearful wife. Her fears of a voodoo curse seem only to be reinforced by the beliefs and actions of many of the local residents, including a few of the other soldiers.

    2.16 "Colony"

  • Episode Number: 40
  • Original Air Date: February 10, 1995
  • Written by: Chris Carter
  • Directed by: Nick Marck
  • Story by: Chris Carter & David Duchovny
  • Guest Cast:
    • Tom Butler (CIA Agent Ambrose Chapel)
    • Peter Donat (Mulder's Father)
    • Dana Gladstone (Dr. Landon Prince/Gregor's)
    • David L. Gordon (FBI Agent)
    • Bonnie Hay (Field Doctor)
    • Tim Henry (Federal Marshall)
    • Andrew Johnston (Agent Barry Weiss)
    • Megan Leitch (Samantha Mulder)
    • Michael McDonald (Military Policeman)
    • Capper McIntyre (First Jailer)
    • Rebecca Toolan (Mrs. Mulder)

A newspaper ad placed to locate a certain doctor sets off the murder of several people with the same face. When Scully and Mulder locate another look-alike, they work to find him before the killer does. Coming to Mulder's aid is another familiar face, but one he wasn't expecting.

Part one of two.

    2.17 "End Game"

  • Episode Number: 41
  • Original Air Date: February 17, 1995
  • Written by: Frank Spotnitz
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman
  • Guest Cast:
    • Colin Cunningham (Lieutenant Terry Wilmer)
    • Peter Donat (Mulder's Father)
    • Megan Leitch (Samantha Mulder)
    • Brian Thompson (Pilot)
    • Steven Williams (X)

When Scully is taken captive by the bounty hunter, Mulder must give up a recently returned loved one in exchange. However, when his trap goes awry, Mulder tracks the hunter far to the icy north in an effort to find the one he has lost twice. Part two of two.

    2.18 "Fearful Symmetry"

  • Episode Number: 42
  • Original Air Date: February 24, 1995
  • Written by: Steven DeJarnatt
  • Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.
  • Guest Cast:
    • Charles Andre (Ray Floyd)
    • Jayne Atkinson (Willa Ambrose)
    • Tom Braidwood (Frohike)
    • Lance Guest (Kyle Lang)
    • Bruce Harwood (Byers)

The death of a federal construction worker and the destruction of various property can only be tied to an escaped elephant. Yet the witnesses claim to have seen no animals which might have caused the turmoil. So, Mulder and Scully check out the local zoo whose claim to fame is that they've never had a successful animal birth.

    2.19 "Dod Kalm"

  • Episode Number: 43
  • Original Air Date: March 10, 1995
  • Written by: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman
  • Story by: Howard Gordon
  • Guest Cast:
    • Mar Anderson (Halverson)
    • Dmitry Chepovetsky (Lieutenant Richard Harper)
    • David Cubitt (Captain Barclay)
    • Stephen Dimopoulos (Ionesco)
    • Vladimir Kulich (Olafsson)
    • John McConnach (Sailer)
    • Bob Metcalfe (Nurse)
    • Claire Riley (Burke)

The last known position of the U.S.S. Argent was in the Norwegian equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle until a boatload of survivors is found. What particularly catches Mulder's inquisitive eye is that all of these sailors appear to have aged many decades in the course of days.

    2.20 "Humbug"

  • Episode Number: 44
  • Original Air Date: March 31, 1995
  • Written by: Darin Morgan
  • Directed by: Kim Manners
  • Guest Cast:
    • Michael Anderson (Mr. Nutt)
    • Alex Diakun (Curator)
    • Wayne Grace (Sheriff Hamilton)
    • John Payne (Jerald Glazebrook)
    • Jim Rose (Dr. Blockhead aka Jeffrey Swaim)
    • Vincent Schiavelli (Lanny)
    • Debis Simpson (Waiter)
    • Blair Slater (Glazebrook [older])
    • George Tipple (Hepcat Helm)

Mulder and Scully must find the paranormal among the abnormal when they are sent to investigate a long standing series of ritualistic killings which match no known patterns. The latest of which was the death of the "alligator man," just one of many sideshow acts around which the town of Gibsontown, FA is built.

    2.21 "The Calusari"

  • Episode Number: 45
  • Original Air Date: April 14, 1995
  • Written by: Sara Charno
  • Directed by: Michael Vejar
  • Guest Cast:
    • Joel Palmer (Charlie/Michael Holvey)
    • Lilyan Chauvin (Golda)
    • Helena Clarkson (Maggie Holvey)
    • Bill Dow (Dr. Charles Burk)
    • Kay E. Kuter (Head Calusari)
    • Ric Reid (Steve Holvey)
    • Oliver & Jeremy Isaac Wildsmith (Teddy Holvey)

A photograph taken just prior to the death of a two year old boy yields evidence of some supernatural intervention which piques Mulder's curiosity. When another death in the family occurs, the grandmother of the remaining child requests the aid of some Romanian ritualists in order to cleanse the home of evil.

    2.22 "F. Emasculata"

  • Episode Number: 46
  • Original Air Date: April 28, 1995
  • Written by: Chris Carter & Howard Gordon
  • Directed by: Michael Bowman
  • Guest Cast:
    • William B. Davis (Smoking Man)
    • John Pyper-Ferguson (Paul)
    • Dean Norris (U.S. Marshal Tapia)
    • Morris Panych (Dr. Simon Auerbach)
    • Charles Martin Smith (Dr. Osbourne)
    • John Tench (Steve)

Mulder and Scully find themselves sent to a penitentiary in order to participate in the retrieval of two escaped convicts. Confused as about the reason for FBI involvement, they look a little deeper and discover an highly contagious and deadly disease has infected many of the inmates, and possibly the two escapees as well.

    2.23 "Soft Light"

  • Episode Number: 47
  • Original Air Date: May 05, 1994
  • Written by: Vince Gilligan
  • Directed by: James Contner
  • Guest Cast:
    • Forbes Angus (Government Scientist)
    • Steve Bacic (Second Officer)
    • Nathaniel DeVeaux (Detective Barron)
    • Guyle Frazier (Barney)
    • Kevin McNulty (Dr. Christopher Davey)
    • Robert Rozen (Doctor)
    • Tony Shalhoub (Dr. Chester Ray Banton)
    • Kate Twa (Detective Kelly Ryan)
    • Steven Williams (X)

An ex-student of Scully's asks Mulder and Scully to help her with her first investigation concerning a number of disappearances with very few clues. Mulder ponders the idea of spontaneous human combustion but rethinks it when they find a man who is afraid of his own shadow.

    2.24 "Our Town"

  • Episode Number: 48
  • Original Air Date: May 12, 1994
  • Written by: Frank Spotnitz
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman
  • Guest Cast:
    • Gary Grubbs (Sheriff Tom Arens)
    • Caroline Kava (Doris Kearns)
    • John MacLaren (George Kearns)
    • Hrothgar Matthews (Creighton Jones)
    • John Milford (Walter Chaco)
    • Gabrielle Miller (Paula Gray)
    • Robin Mossley (Dr. Vance Randolph)

Dudley, Arkansas is the site of the latest investigation for Mulder and Scully, who are sent to find a missing poultry inspector. The case takes a twist when another poultry worker is shot after she goes insane, giving Mulder a hunch that the townfolk really are what they eat.

    2.25 "Anasazi"

  • Episode Number: 49
  • Original Air Date: May 19, 1995
  • Written by: Chris Carter
  • Directed by: R.W. Goodwin
  • Story by: David Duchovny & Chris Carter
  • Guest Cast:
    • Tom Braidwood (Frohike)
    • Bernie Coulson (Thinker aka Kenneth Soona)
    • William B. Davis (Smoking Man)
    • Aurelio Di Nunzio (Antonio)
    • Peter Donat (Bill Mulder)
    • Dean Haglund (Langly)
    • Bruce Harwood (Byers)
    • Nicholas Lea (Agent Alex Krycek)
    • Paul McLean (Agent Kautz)
    • Byron Chief Moon (Father)
    • Renae Morriseau (Josephine Doane)
    • Michael David Simms (Senior Agent)

The trust that Mulder and Scully is sorely tested when Mulder begins acting strangely. His aberrant behavior is compounded when the Lone Gunmen direct him to a hacker who managed to break into some very closely guarded files. So, the Smoking Man quickly takes action while Scully investigates Mulder's abnormal behavior.

Part one of two

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